daysthatareover (daysthatareover) wrote in uw08,

band members wanted

hey im danny hahn and i do a solo project bit as Hahn Solo and the Wookies. with the quarter finally over, ive been looking to get a tad more serious with my stuff, but just a tad. my music is very jazz, bossanova, doowop, indie pop main influences are sondre lerche, rilo kiley, 50s motown, and kings of convenience. for live shows, simply me and a guitar just doesnt cut it when the arrangements call for multi-vocal harmonies. if anyone is interested, im looking for drums, keys, guitars, bass...well a whole band basically, and preferably, everyone can sing. and sing good.

you can hear samples at or
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hey I play guitar/sing and Ive been looking to get involved in some type of music project. Your music sounds good, I like it. Hit me back, or just AIM me MooJonMan is my screen name.
Your band name is hardcore, and it makes me wish I had musical talent.